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Thanks to a tip posted on, I came across a site that offers free commercial quality icon sets. sells a wide variety of icon sets for app and web work.  What they also offer are free sets.  You register with them and once a month they send you a free set of icons.  To raise it up a notch, they will send different people different sets each month.  You are allowed to send each set up to 5 times to other people through IconBuffet’s web site.  They call it “Free Delivery”.

I just signed up and I have the “Oslo Finance” set.  There are about 10 or 11 different images, in a wide variety of formats: BMP, GIF, Mac ICNS, Win ICO, TIFF, and PNG.

If anyone with an IconBuffet account wants this one, just leave a comment here or email me at anotherlab{at}gmail{dot}com.  I’m looking for the other sets, with my eye on the Shanghai Tech and Shanghai Tech Vector sets.

 [2nd edit]

I just got my first deliveries (thanks Dan!).  It’s the Shanghai Tech Vector and Shanghai Tech sets.  Duncan sent me all 5, I now have a complete set.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them, but they are cool.

[Edited on 12/7/05]  I have the following sets left

  • Oslo Atmosphere, 3 deliveries remaining
  • Oslo Finance, 2 deliveries remaining
  • Shanghai Tech, 1 delivery remaining
  • Taipei Buddies 1, 2 deliveries remaining
  • Taipei Buddies 2, 3 deliveries remaining
  • Taipei Night Market, 3 deliveries remaining

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Scott Allen list of ASP 1 to ASP 2 resources

I grabbed this from Scott Allen’s blog. I will probably need it sooner than later….

Scott Guthrie: VS2005 Web Project System: What is it and why did we do it? Yes, Microsoft did think about the changes.

MSDN: Step-By-Step Guide to Converting Web Projects from Visual Studio .NET 2002/2003 to Visual Studio 2005. Don’t go in blind, go in with a plan.

MSDN: Common ASP.NET 2.0 Conversion Issues and Solutions. The migration tool is still undergoing some improvements. This document explains some of the pitfalls.

Scott Guthrie: HTML Validation Checking (and how to turn it off). I recommend you turn off HTML Validation checking when migrating a project and concentrate on getting a working application. Once all the migration issues are resolved, turn validation back on.

MSDN: Web Deployment Projects. This is an invaluable tool for moving bits into production. It is still a beta preview. Most of the issues I’ve seen with the tool revolve around merging assemblies.

Rick Strahl: Understanding Page Inheritance in ASP.NET 2.0. Rick provides excellent coverage of the how the new model works, why the new model is an improvement, and what to watch out for.

Scott Allen: Debug & Release Builds in ASP.NET 2.0. This post also covers a lot of the compilation differences.

via [K. Scott Allen’s Blog]